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The Poggio all'Agnello Tuscany holiday resort is the ideal location for your seaside holiday in Tuscany; only 2 Km from the Gulf of Baratti, it is also close to the most beautiful and characteristic beaches along the Etruscan Coast.


Gulf of Baratti

Baratti and its Gulf are approximately one kilometre away from Poggio all'Agnello as the crow flies. The Gulf of Baratti is a small slice of paradise, situated on the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany with sandy beaches in a thick pine forest setting. It can be reached in just a few minutes and has plenty of parking. Just near "Bagno Baratti" (Baratti Bath), there is a swimmers' assistance point and a refreshment stand.


Buca delle Fate

A characteristic inlet along the Etruscan Coast, Buca delle Fate offers a pebble beach which intercepts the rocky coastline between the Piombino and Populonia promontories.
The rocky seabed ensures particularly clear waters.
Also just a few minutes' drive from Poggio all'Agnello, this beach is located just before Populonia and can be reached via a walking track which leads down to the sea.


Perelli Carbonifera

A particularly beautiful sandy beach which can also be reached in just a few minutes by car from Poggio all'Agnello. The beach is bordered by a large pine forest, offering a shady shelter with picnic tables and benches.
The beach is situated near Folloncina, between Torre Mozza and Mortelliccio.


Perelli Mortelliccio

Another sandy beach, famous for its particularly fine sand. A large stretch of free beach with a pine forest makes it a desirable destination for those who aren't necessarily looking for a bathing establishment. Once again, the pine forest is complete with wooden tables and benches, allowing for a cool break in the shade.


Rimigliano Beach

Another sandy beach with a swimmers' assistance point, located just a few minutes' drive north from Poggio all'Agnello. This beach is also situated next to a shady pine forest, interrupted only by sporadic residences. The beach can be reached from Via della Principessa via several small streets which lead down to the sea.

Torre Mozza

Situated just 20km from Poggio all'Agnello. It is a renowned beach and area of the Maremma thanks to its white sand and clear, transparent waters. The adjacent pine forest is the perfect location for enjoyable refreshing moments in the shade. It is a very busy beach, with paid parking.


Torre del Sale

Situated just 10km from Poggio all'Agnello. The beach's name is derived from the salt baths which used to exist in the area and which form part of the Padule Orti-Bottagone Natural Provincial Reserve.
It is located between Piombino and Follonica.


Marina di Salivoli

One of Piombino's sandy beaches, situated next to the city's entertaining tourist port. It is approximately 10km away from Poggio all'Agnello and is equipped with a range of facilities and refreshment stands.


La Torraccia

A beach located just 4km from Poggio all'Agnello.
The beach's name is derived from the nearby watchtower, to the right of Via Principessa. Not far from the coast is the rocky bottomed "Lo Stellino", appreciated for its abundant fishing opportunities.


Spiaggia Lunga

Just 12km from Poggio all'Agnello and is situated along the rocky coastline to the north of Piombino. Formed from white pebbles, it is famous for its clear and transparent waters, recalling the sea of the nearby Island of Elba.


Island of Elba

Just a few minutes' drive from Poggio all'Agnello, you can also reach Piombino (distance of approx. 7km) and board a ferry for the nearby and renowned Island of Elba (ferry ride approx. 45 minutes).
The stretch of sea which separates Piombino from Elba is in fact approx. 9 km long, with convenient ferry services departing every hour. Since 2010, a hydrofoil has also been available for fast transfers to Portoferraio.
The Island of Elba is the ideal excursion from Poggio all'Agnello for those looking to spend a day by the sea in the spectacular Tuscan archipelago.

Gulf of Baratti

Gulf of Baratti


residence buca delle fate

Buca delle Fate


residence mortelliccio

Perelli Mortelliccio


residence rimigliano

Rimigliano Beach


residence marina di salivoli

Marina di Salivoli


residence isola elba

Island of Elba

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