History of a Farm

"the farm of Poggio all'Agnello is a piece of Social and economic history of the Val di Cornia: a story that begin at the end of '800, marked by radical changes in the techniques of cultivation and in the relathionships of production from which they took origin social conflicts whose memory is still alive in the population of this area".

POGGIO ALL'AGNELLO - Populonia - Storia di una Fattoria (History of a Farm) - Edit by Mauro Carrara, Claudio Fornai, Roberto Marmugi, Silvano Silvestrini
Pg. 25 The Farm of Poggio all'Agnello, between past and future - Massimo Zucconi (President of Val di cornia Regional Park)




Important Info "Olympic Pool"

In some periods of the year the Olympic pool might be occupied by sport group. For more information about availability of the pool please contact the Booking Office: info@poggioallagnello.it

Exclusive Client Insurance News

In case of no show the client will be able to use the total amount for a stay within the following 6 months subject to availability.