Poggio all’Agnello, in Populonia, near the Gulf of Baratti, is synonymous with summer, sun and sea. The blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea that laps the golden Etruscan Coast, the surf, the wind that pushes the sails on the water, the games on the sand, rest and joy.

But there is an enchanted world, not far away, whose distance is not measured horizontally, but vertically. It is the world of divers, with its streets paved with colorful gorgonians dancing in the currents and traversed by silent and elusive life forms, which move with the same refined elegance of movie stars. Entering this magical world is not a pipe dream, even for those who are not experienced in diving.

Our diving services:
– Experience Scuba
– Dive with Dive Guide and Snorkeling excursions
– Recreational Scuba Courses for every level (minimun 10 years)
– Equipment rent and sale
– Personalized journeys


Those who already have diving experience know how many dives are possible in such a fortunate area, from a naturalistic point of view, such as the stretch of sea that includes the depths of the Gulf of Baratti, up to the island of Elba. There are many fascinating diving spots in the area, both for the underwater flora and fauna, and for the wrecks of ancient ships wrecked in these waters and which can be reached and admired. The coast offers submarine excursions able to satisfy the most demanding fins and the geographical position allows for a truly wide range of action and the possibility of organizing fantastic dives.

The stay at the Poggio all’Agnello Resort will allow you to take advantage of the collaboration with Baratti Diving, a particularly equipped center, able to cater for all the needs, both of the most experienced divers and of those who, perhaps, are approaching for the first time. to the magical underwater world. You will be able to receive the Baptism of the sea, immersing yourself in the company of expert instructors, enjoying the vision of the seabed, crossed by the frenetic and silent rush of schools of fish and cheered by the color of plants moved by the currents.

And, perhaps, re-emerging, you will discover that you already miss listening to the silence of the sea depths and letting yourself be lulled by the water, in the blue half-light slightly illuminated by the sun’s rays. You will then be able to enroll in the more specialized courses of Baratti Diving and then go back there where your dream has become reality for the first time.

Don’t have a licence? Qualified Baratti Diving instructors will guide you in this exhilarating new experience from your first approach to a full dive, introducing you to the underwater world safely and with a relaxed approach! You can take part in scuba diving courses and increase you knowledge, to even become an independent, expert scuba diver!


  • Dive around Elba island without taking the ferry from 50€
  • First dive for adults and children, minimum age 10 years
  • Single dive, from €35.00 per person

Snorkeling in Tuscany

  • Explore the many wrecks off the coast in the San Vincenzo area
  • Courses for all levels: basic, advanced, technical, professional starting from €150.00
  • Snorkelling trips: a trip around the Piombino and Elba promontory, from €30.00 per person


Your diving holiday at the Poggio all’Agnello Resort can be full of sun, tanning, life on the beach; you can relax, play sports, excursions or any other activity, but if you get on the Baratti Diving dinghy and shake hands with your instructor, diving into the enchanted waters of this corner of the world, you will encounter true magic.