Experiences for a Memorable Vacation in Tuscany


The sandy beaches, the sea, the services and the pine forests make it ideal for relaxing holidays with friends or family with children. Below you will find many suggestions of activities to practice and advice on places to visit, day after day, for an unforgettable holiday in Tuscany.


The Etruscan Coast is a vast stretch of coastline that extends from Livorno to Piombino and is now a favorite destination for families with children on vacation and groups on vacation in Tuscany. Our Resort is located a short distance from the sea and is surrounded by nature and the green of the Mediterranean scrub, a typical characteristic environment of the Etruscan Coast.
The name is due to the presence of the ancient Etruscan civilization that lived in these places centuries ago. Today it is possible to enjoy the remains of the Etruscan civilization thanks to the numerous historical finds, archaeological museums and archaeological parks such as that of Baratti and Populonia.

What could be better than knowing the area where we are on vacation? Here are some ideas to make your holiday truly memorable!

scavi etruschi toscana

The Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia

Poggio Experience The Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia Populonia was an ancient Etruscan settlement, originally named Fufluna or Pupluna, and was the only city built on the coast. It was one of the twelve cities of the Etruscan Dodecapolis, the main city-states within Etruria which were governed by a Lucumo. It owed its splendour…

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Costa degli Etruschi mare

Beaches Etruscan Coast

The best beaches of the Etruscan Coast Free beaches and equipped beaches THE MOST ATTRACTIVE BEACHES OF THE ETRUSCAN COAST JUST A FEW MINUTES AWAY FROM YOUR RESORT IN TUSCANY Poggio all’Agnello commands a superb position, from where you can reach the best beaches of the Etruscan Coast in just a few minutes. If, after…

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A triathlon and endurance sports training centre in Tuscany

Poggio all’Agnello: the outstanding location for swimming, cycling and running A triathlon and endurance sports training centre in Tuscany Thanks to its variety of landscapes, different altitudes and geographical formation, Tuscany is the ideal place to train for the triathlon with opportunities for swimming, running and cycling at any time of the year. The ideal…

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Ricarica Elettrica - Poggio All'Agnello

Recharge your car for free

A new service for Poggio all’Agnello’s greenest customers. Recharge your car for free. A highly-anticipated and advantageous service Our commitment to environmental issues goes back a long way and began with the installation of solar panels in order to contribute to the residence’s energy requirements. Subsequently we expanded the pretty “Al Poggio” fruit orchard close…

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Poggio All'Agnello - MTB Itinerari Mountain Bike Toscana

MTB – Mountain Bike tours in Tuscany

From Poggio all’Agnello to Tuscany by MTB: it’s never been so easy! MTB – Mountain Bike tours in Tuscany Poggio All’Agnello is the perfect starting point for tours and trips that take in the most beautiful parts of Tuscany. Over the millennia the Etruscan Coast has always been an ideal base thanks to its easy…

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Appartamenti per vacanze in famiglia in Toscana - Poggio All'Agnello

Apartments for family holidays in Tuscany

An opportunity to grab with both hands! Apartments for family holidays in Tuscany Poggio all’Agnello has plenty to offer families keen on enjoying their holidays together in Tuscany Located in the heart of Alta Maremma, in the countryside that faces the Etruscan Coast, is our residence, Poggio all’Agnello. The perfect place for holidays with the…

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Poggio All'Agnello - Bike Holidays

Bike Resort in Tuscany

Bike Holiday on the Etruscan Coast. Bike Resort in Tuscany A resort offering the best bike holidays in Tuscany With its position in the heart of the Etruscan Coast, spectacular landscapes and countless itineraries , ranging from mountains to the plains, Poggio all’Agnello was made to be a reference point for all road and mountain…

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vacanze famiglia toscana - Poggio All'Agnello

Your family holiday in dreamlike Tuscany

Your family holiday in dreamlike Tuscany Let’s play a game: I’ll say three words and you get your imagination running! Family holiday Tuscany. If you were thinking about looking for a place where you could have an amazing family holiday in Tuscany, read this! Poggio all’Agnello is just what you’re looking for – a hotel…

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2021 Green objective

New energy at Poggio all’Agnello A small revolution awaits our guests next season: the name of the game is energy! Green energy, energy in sport and lots of thrills. Poggio all’Agnello is situated in a unique natural and environmental setting, a stone’s throw from the sea and the hills of Populonia, in an area with…

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Dreaming of the summer

Tennis, Trekking and cycling to restart! Dreaming of the summer Holidays can be the ideal time to do some sport with your family and get some exercise if you’ve spent the winter indoors engaging in a potentially sedentary lifestyle. Poggio all’Agnello is synonymous with open air and movement and has everything you’ll need for activities…

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Poggio all'Agnello Resort

Reopening of Poggio all’Agnello

Large spaces, nature in abundance, safe accommodation Poggio all’agnello re-opens. Here’s what’s changing Outdoor sport and zero compromises Poggio all’Agnello stretches across a vast plot of land, where the open spaces reign supreme. As of last year, the site now boasts a small orchard where guests can relax in the shade of the trees and…

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