If you want a truly special holiday, Poggio all’Agnello gives its guests the chance to swim in stunning pools and relax poolside, with beach umbrellas, chairs and loungers on hand.
A large Olympic-size pool perfect for speed training, a pool with hydro jets and a children’s pool: each guest can choose which suits them best for a sporting experience and total wellbeing.
Our pools are an excellent alternative to the beach when the weather is not so warm as they heated to 26 degrees. Guests with children can finally relax with a hydro massage, while the young ones play safely nearby.
If you love sport and you want an active, dynamic holiday, Poggio all’Agnello is the ideal destination for you. Enjoy all the thrill of an Olympic-size pool and a 50-metre challenge with water.

Across from the terrace cafe there is an Olympic-size pool which is perfect for those who want to do their workout swimming, for athletic training or for team building activities. Near the Olympic pool, there are two other pools: one for adults (with hydro jets) and one for children. The whirlpool-equipped adult one is perfect for relaxing in the pool with your family and for getting the most of hydro therapy, such as improved circulation. All of the swimming pools are immersed in the magical Tuscan countryside and our park’s green landscape.